You are needed

The following schools could all use one or more sister schools.  Please contact us if your school might be interested in partnering with one of them.

St. Phillips School, Nairobi, Kenya 2010

Mt. Boucherie Secondary School in West Kelowna, B.C. has been supporting this school for two years through recycling bottles, etc. at their school.  During spring break of 2010 a group of students visited the school and harmonized with the school and students. 

Haiti School Added in June 2007

Etoile Du Matin School, located in Ile-a-Vache (a small, French Haitian island on the SW corner of Haiti) was added in June 2007.   It is 200 km. SE of the capital, Port Au Prince and accessible only by boat.  There are no rivers or springs, only wells of salty water and tanks of rain water for the richer inhabitants.  There are no roads or cars and people travel around on horseback or on foot.  Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. 

Kenya Schools Added in April 2007

St. Ignatius School at Mukoyani and St. Thomas Aquinas School at Musoli were added in April 2007.  These two schools are looking for a “sister school” to develop a relationship with.

Jamaica School Was Added in March 2007/A Second Jamaican School Added in May 2007

Boston Primary School, located in the community of Fairy Hill, Jamaica was added to the program in March 2007 and has been adopted by a teacher in Edmonton, Alberta.   A second Jamaican school, Drapers All Age, was added in May 2007.  Drapers All Age School has been adopted by a teacher in Kelowna, B.C.

In October 2007, Emmanuel Assembly Church in Westbank, B.C., together with Powers Creek Community Church, took up a collection of new school supplies for students in these two Jamaican schools.  Through a generous donation from the Kelowna Gospel Mission and two private donations, four new Dell laptop computers and one printer were added to the shipment.  A total of twelve boxes were sent via Air Canada.       

Desks for Buenos Aires, Guatemala School

Two shipments of desks, school supplies and uniforms, donated by Glenfir School in Summerland, B.C., have been delivered to Guatemala. 

The Kelowna Gospel Mission Thrift Store donated a number of manual and electric typewriters and a sewing machine which are included in the shipment to Guatemala.  An empty school bus provided by Fe Viva Missions traveled to Guatemala carrying the desks and typewriters.

Thank you to Glenfir School, Kelowna Gospel Mission and Fe Viva for their participation and efforts.  

Generally the cost of shipping containers and freight charges are greater than the value of the items donated and therefore not practical to send.  In this case the school bus made it economical and possible.

The Spanish teacher at Glenfir School sent us the following information about the gifts received by the Guatemalan School.

Each class wrote a letter, and in each they expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the kindness shown by Glenfir students.  Some of the comments are as follows:  “May God bless you for your kindness.” “We are very grateful to have the gifts of desks and other supplies which our school so vitally needs.” “It is difficult for us because the government does not provide us with many resources and your kindness is very much appreciated.”

The students went on to say that they were happy to hear from us and that we are forever in their prayers.

Buenos Aires School (Guatemala) Receives Blessings

In July, 2006 we received the following report from Fe Viva who first identified the tremendous needs of Buenos Aires School and, by making those needs known, others have come alongside to provide support.“A team from Maryland put on two new roof tops with sky lights.  We scrubbed walls, put on fresh paint, built room dividers, built two new bathrooms with real toilets and septic tank.  We poured new concrete walkways, and added security fencing to the two school buildings so the new supplies will be safe.  The team blessed the teachers with supplies – teaching aides (maps, charts, etc.).  We gave them a manual typewriter as well as lots of paper supplies, a white board, tack board, puppets, paints, etc.”  Great news!