Kenya ClassroomSt. Ignatius School at Mukoyani – a rural school in the Western Province of Kenya, less than an hour drive from Kakamega.  The school is a mixed day school, with classes from Nursery to Standard Eight.  It is located in a very poor area; some children come to school barefoot.  Classes are large; textbooks and other materials in short supply.  Due to a shortage of classrooms, the Nursery class meets outside, working at a table under a tree.  With the help of an enthusiastic, though unqualified, young teacher, the older students  won two awards in the district Drama Festival in March, 2007 – one for performance in a play about AIDS, the other for a poem recitation.

St. Thomas Aquinas School at Musoli – a rural school in the Western Province of Kenya, about an hour drive from Kakamega.   The school is a mixed day school, in the process of changing to a boys’ boarding/day school, which will include secondary school.  It is hoped that this change will be complete by the beginning of the next school year, January, 2008.  The present girl students will then attend a nearby girls’ school.





Classes presently include Nursery to Standard Eight.    (Blue Uniforms)


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