How Schools Help

How North American Schools Participate

  • Select a temporary SBB chairperson to serve as initial point of contact between your school and SBB
  • Learn about SBB by reading information on our website, hosting a presentation by a SBB representative (or delivering our PowerPoint presentation yourself), distributing materials, etc.
  • Obtain approvals as necessary from School Board and/or principals
  • Name a SBB Coordinator to facilitate the program at your school for at least one academic year
  • Pledge to an annual minimum involvement of periodic communications with sister school
    one “good works” program per school year one “awareness activity” per school year
    submitting an evaluation to SBB at the end of the school year
  • Launch your program using our start-up kit which contains sample lesson plans, activity guides, fundraising possibilities and tips for success
  • Receive quarterly newsletters from SBB containing news, updates, suggestions, comments from participants, etc.

How Third World and Developing Country Schools Participate

  • Select a SBB coordinator to lead the program at your school and maintain ongoing contact with SBB
  • Coordinate visit with SBB representative
  • Send e-mail to:

What We Need

  • Good ideas for enriching our programs
  • Seed money to support launch of pilot programs
  • Contact with foundations, service clubs and other charitable organizations who can help further this cause

Where We Go From Here

Once pilot programs are conducted and a critical mass of sister schools has been created, Schools Beyond Borders plans to offer a complete range of options for participating schools, such as

  • Scholarships for exceptional developing country students
  • Salaries for additional developing country teachers
  • Breakfast and/or lunch programs
  • Community development (repairing school buildings, digging wells and/or pit toilets, outreach to parents)
  • Clean water sources for the schools