Getting Involved

Global Outreach Includes:

  • Discussion and debate of environmental, developmental, human rights and peace initiatives
  • Promoting understanding, tolerance, goodwill and peace, contributing to a well-rounded student.


Schools can help bridge the gap by:

  • Providing help to struggling schools through one class, one school or an entire community partnering with a school in a developing country
  • Offering assistance to whatever level they are comfortable with, as needs are identified.
  • For principals, school staff and students to consider partnering with a school to develop global understanding, tolerance, good will and peace.
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Organizations or Individuals can help bridge the gap by:

  • Financial support to schools through donations
  • Sponsor a scholarship or bursary for technical school or university
  • Sponsor a teacher to elevate student education levels to high school graduation
  • Note: A rural teacher’s salary in Guatemala is approximately $2,500 U.S. per year
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What Schools Beyond Borders Will Do:

  • Locate appropriate schools in developing countries where students lack educational “essentials” – textbooks, adequate nutrition, electricity or clean water
  • Contract a trustworthy volunteer liaison/coordinator in each developing country to organize efforts, provide fiscal responsibility and ensure program longevity
  • Match North American schools with developing country schools according to educational level (primary or secondary) and language (English or other)
  • Maintain ongoing relationships as liaison with both types of schools to share best practices, troubleshoot and audit fiscal responsibility