About Us

Schools Beyond Borders Foundation is a non-profit Society established:

  • To assist local students to expand their understanding of other cultures and to encourage them to take an active role in global relationships through communication and active participation in projects to benefit students in countries of lesser privilege.
  • To provide funding, supplies and tools to needy schools in third world and developing countries through education, which in turn will decrease poverty in these countries.
  • To establish and provide scholarships and/or bursaries for needy students in third world or developing countries to attain a higher level of education.




To connect privileged schools with deprived third world and developing country schools for the purpose of developing a relationship and awareness of students’ needs that can be practically and realistically met.

This is an opportunity, through education, to care and share with others less fortunate.



Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for educational institutions, organizations and individuals in developed countries to partner with impoverished schools in third world and developing countries for cultural awareness, friendship and educational support.




Schools Beyond Borders is a non-profit organization that creates “sister” relationships between schools in North America and underdeveloped countries. First world school students gain a new understanding of the developing world, and learn to model good global citizenship. Students in developing countries receive much-needed financial support, and even more importantly, a sense of hope, knowing that others truly care about them. The program encourages lifelong friendships for a better global future.

The overall plan is flexible enough to incorporate diversified educational needs as they are identified. Consequently, we are encouraging schools to help schools; clubs and corporate entities to establish bursaries and scholarships; as well as economical tools to develop new industry. An example would be the ability to knit, crochet and sew and produce marketable craft items or useful household items.